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Hello World,

BitMart is officially announcing the recruitment of experts who have in-depth research experience on blockchain technology projects in the area of Cross-chain bridge, Scaling, Layer II, storage, Smart contract wallet, Defi, NFT, and other blockchain-related technical and applicational fields to join the BitMart Listing Committee. The BitMart Listing Committee will provide valuable advice and recommendations to BitMart in project listing. We’re looking for technical elites, university scholars, industry leaders, veterans in the investing and incubating area, marketing KOLs from all over the globe to join us. 


Application Open Period:Oct 31, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020, ET

I.Listing Committee Member Qualifications

  1. Technical experts in blockchain frontier area (schools, labs, research or consulting institutions)
  2. Senior advisors from blockchain project incubators or accelerators 
  3. Experienced investors from crypto funds or investment institutions
  4. Well-known KOLs with active communities  (500+ active community members)
  5. Leaders from the blockchain project team or foundation
  6. Others (Individuals, Crypto Enthusiastic, etc.)

*  Must have 2-year in-depth experience in blockchain projects’ development, research, investing, incubating, or critical service provides. 

II. Listing Committee Member Benefits

  1. Waiving of listing fee for the projects recommended by committee members (globally initial listing of high tech projects is preferred)
  2. Right of co-investing the recommended projects
  3. Opportunity to work with BitMart core management teams
  4. Recognition of “BitMart Listing Committee Member”, which can be used in LinkedIn and other social media as your title at BitMart.
  5. VIP trading account at BitMart Spot market and BitMart Futures
  6. Exclusive invitation to BitMart online and offline events

III. Responsibilities of Listing Committee Members

  1. Keep searching for the most innovative technology blockchain projects
  2. Discover the most potential technology projects and recommend to BitMart
  3. Provide professional project analysis for recommended projects

IV. Application process:

Step One: Fill out the form: 

Step Two: BitMart Team will need 3-5 business days to evaluate candidates’ qualifications. 

Step Three: Become official Members of BitMart Listing Committee Member for at least 6 month.

ATTENTION: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. BitMart will make its best effort to list only high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

Thank you for supporting BitMart!

BitMart Team

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