ZEN Token and How it Works

Community governed and built for decentralization, Zen Garden Finance is a DeFi lending platform that seeks to provide liquidity in aggregate through incentives such as yield gardening (yield farming) through a staking and liquidity mining ecosystem.

As a deflationary token, Zen is used to dynamically garden (farm) a reward token known as YIN (Yin Token) which is necessary to explore opportunities in the Zen Yield Garden Ecosystem like Yield gardening (farming).

Central to the Zen Yield Garden Ecosystem is the Pagoda. This is the lending house that allows users to take their equivalent tokens for lending (-elt’s) to earn YIN. ZENswap complements the Pagoda by serving as an Automatic Market Maker (AMM) that allows users to make use of their LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens through the KOI ponds. Users will earn YIN&Yang in addition to the fee collection of these liquidity pools.

This ecosystem starts with YIN gardening and users can participate through Uniswap or the Zen Yield Garden Ecosystem. To earn YIN users can stake their LPs in the Zen Staking Garden. Alternatively, on Uniswap, users can provide liquidity to the ZEN/ETH pool to claim their YINs. For the first 2 weeks of Zen Garden Finance, providing liquidity or staking ZEN Tokens is the only way to obtain YIN. The actual length of time is an approximation based on the initial block timestamp. 

To earn YANG, the governance token within the ZEN Yield Ecosystem, users will have to use the same method described above to stake LP tokens for YIN/USDC and YIN/ETH on either Uniswap or ZENswap markets. The only way to earn YANG is through this method.

In total, the max supply of YANG governance tokens will be 32000. Of this total supply in Yang, 2000 will be premined to initiate the Uniswap and ZENSwap pools of YANG/USDC and YANG/ETH. Otherwise, YANG will be minted through mining liquidity in the Zen Yield Garden Ecosystem.

Each token within the ZEN Garden has its own unique qualities that have been developed to create unity within the ecosystem and designed to facilitate decentralization of the platform.

The Pre-Sale for ZEN token is being held in 2 rounds, with the first round already completed. Unsold ZEN tokens from Round 1 were burned. The second Pre-Sale round went live on September 20th and will last until September 23rd, 3:00 pm EST. You can read more about the ZEN Token Pre-Sales and token allocations here.

Join the ZEN Token discord and speak to the team directly.

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