Orion: The Future of Crypto Trading.


Orion is about to launch its amazing project, ORN. Tons of users have signed up for their beta program. The Orion platform aggregates all cryptocurrency exchanges. The list includes both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Hence, it brings the benefit of unlimited liquidity. A lot of times, your trade does not go through in exchanges like Uniswap. The reason has always been the lack of liquidity in some asset types. That will never happen in the Orion platform. In addition, the aggregation of all crypto exchanges bags you the best of fees or returns. Simply put, you will enjoy the low fees and high returns in the transactions. Moreover, they are offering an APR of 39% for staking their tokens.

Does not Compete, but Complete

Orion claims itself as the future of trading in the crypto space. Offering endless liquidity or in other words, the liquidity of the entire crypto market, they are eligible to make that claim. Moreover, you are never going to give up your private keys. You are your public address on the Orion platform. From the official website, you can join their beta program. What Orion really did smart was to avoid competing with other exchanges. They just aggregate them to create a perfect win-win situation. All of the order books are united and presented as an easy to use terminal. There is no need to swap pools for both the exchange as well as users. You can trade across all major crypto exchanges without creating your account there. All you need to do is connect your wallet and execute the orders. The often overlooked benefit is you do not have to give up your assets across multiple registrations.

13 Revenue Streams

The coin or token for Orion project is called the ORN token. It offers 13 revenue streams, which is more than impressive. This is how they must be easily offering the 39% APR. They have bagged some of the top-level partnerships including Elrond, Kucoin, Bitmax, Biki, MXC and more. You can stake your ORN tokens in all of these exchanges. Each exchange offers varying payout rates for staking ORN tokens. For staking 1000 ORN tokens Bitmax pays out 1.06 ORN, Kucoin pays out 5.3 ORN and Biki pays out 10.6 ORN daily. It translates to 32.05 ORN, 159 ORN and 318 ORN of monthly payouts respectively. It should be noted that some of the crypto exchanges may not be available to your region.

ORN Token Pricing Details

The ORN token is priced at $2.87 currently. The market cap is almost $11 million with a trading volume of $4.4 million. It has earned Orion protocol token its market cap rank of #325. ORN peaked at 3.22 on July 25th, 2020. Throughout July it has been a steady coin in terms of the price graph. 1 BTC will purchase you over 4000 ORN tokens, at the time of writing. The circulating supply and total token supply are 3.8 million coins and 100 million coins respectively. Bilaxy is the most active market trading ORN tokens for July/August 2019.

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