ICIT’s monthly “Cyber Legislation & Federal Initiatives Webcast” provides an efficient yet powerful summary of ICIT’s monthly analyst reports covering new cybersecurity, technology, and privacy related legislation and federal agency initiatives.

Pre-Briefing, all ICIT Members are sent 2 separate ICIT Analyst Reports detailing the content discussed during this webinar. For more details on ICIT Individual and Corporate Membership, please visit https://icitech.org/support-icit/

Each month’s briefing consists of:

1. PPT supported discussion on new legislation or movement on existing legislation organized by categories (election integrity, federal government, energy sector, health sector, etc.)

2. PPT supported discussion of new Federal Agency cybersecurity, technology, and privacy initiatives

3. Assessments of the ‘why’ behind trends, legislation, and initiatives

As a nonpartisan Think Tank, this briefing will not engage in partisan discussion or debate, and will only present facts and historical information. If you are interested in supporting this initiative in the future please contact ICIT to learn more.

Attendees will earn 1 Hour Continuing Education by attending this ICIT Webcast.