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You can start mining WEBD immediately with the first blockchain running directly in your Browser, on any deviceSecure Blockchain

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Built on the most advanced blockchain technology using NIPoPoW consensus, your information will be secure and anonymousEasy Integration

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With easy browser integrated blockchain for peer-to-peer transactions, allowing cross-border blockchain payments

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No downloads, installation or registration required Generating wallets directly in your Browser Easy transactions directly in browser Pools system with referral program Hybrid Mining using PoS and PoW Mining directly in browser Fast consensus using NiPoPoW Bounty program with automatic registration ASIC resistant & GPU unfriendly mining Offline Transactions


Increase anonymity with transaction mixer Smart Contracts Multi-Sig using Fingerprint and Facial Recognition ID Real time roadmap (Updates Status) Peer-to-Peer Market for WebDollar Ecosystem exchange & Exchanges listings Scaling transactions Community Voting Center for updates Coin Supply

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13.39 B Current Distribution 1,538,960 Mined blocks ~13.39 Th/s Global Hash rate 0 WEBD 42,000,000,000 WEBD

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WEBD Papers Black Paper Short overview of the project White Paper Tehnical presentation of the project ROAD MAP

Fastest Development of a Browser-Based Cryptocurrency

Q4 2017


An initial white paper was realized to describe the WebDollar protocol Q4 2017


An initial team was formed during the JSHacks Blockchain Hackaton to bootstrap and implement the vision behind WebDollar Q4 2017


Our community started to develop and finalize P2P connections through Websockets and WebRTC. Implementation of Mini-blockchain Q1 2018


Developing consensus of the Proof of Work and blockchain launching. Q1 2018


Development of a bounty program that helped evangelists to spread the word of Webdollar worldwide. Q2 2018


Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work, Improving the Security and launching a Main Net Q3 2018


Developing a easy way to mine with your friends in social mining. Also, creation of the Mining Pools Referral System. Q3 2018

Offline Transactions

Allowing users add a new optional security layer by signing offline transactions using their wallets on desktop or mobile app. Q1 2019

Hybrid Mining

Releasing the first hybrid mining in browser using Proof of Stake 66.(6)% and Proof of Work 33.(3)% ONGOING


Developing the first Exchange for the WebDollar Ecosystem and creating easy to integrate API for other Exchanges ONGOING


Growing the community, running bounties programs & attend to cryptocurrency conferences. PLANNED


Developing Anonymity and researching multisign with fingerprint/faceID PLANNED

Real Time Road Map

Developing a Real time road map with the status of all apps developed by our devs and community. PLANNED

Voting Community Center

Voting center for community where features and updates are proposed to be upvote or downvote by our holders. PLANNED


Developing a Smart Contracts Platform that allows users to create their own financial assets — Webdollar Tokens. PLANNED


Developing WIP, a platform that aims to help startups to access all the financial support they need, and at the same time to minimise the investors risks. PLANNED


Creation of a decentralized Bazaar where people can buy or sell goods using Webdollar as a payment method. PLANNED


Improving the max number of transactions per second accepted by the WebDollar Protocol


Budisteanu Ionut Alexandru

Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu Founder & Protocol Dev.

Alexandru is a Forbes Europe 30 under 30 nominee in industry category. In 2013, he was nominated by Time Magazine as one of the most influential teens of the world. MIT named an asteroid with his name.

Alexandru Ionut Panait

Alexandru Ionut Panait General Manager & Platform Dev.

Alexandru is a young entrepreneur interested in technology and business. General Manager and Founder of a hiring Artificial Intelligence platform and a software agency. Developers

Razvan Ceana

Razvan Ceana Senior Technical Manager

Răzvan is a software engineer with extensive experience in developing high scalability and high availability applications. He is part of a team that develops software for public procurement involving real time data processing and Blockchain research integrations.

Ionut Moraru

Ionut Moraru Automation Specialist

Ionut is a software developer with over 10 years of experience working with web and mobile technologies. He is a Consensys certified developer and founder of, a mining software for cryptocurrencies.

Adrian Vladu

Adrian Vladu Blockchain Developer

With more than 6 years of open source activity, Adrian Vladu is a seasoned full stack developer with multiple contributions for projects under the OpenStack umbrella. He manages, an open source blockchain explorer for WebDollar.

Dani WebDollar

Daniel Network Engineer

Daniel is a network engineer with over 20 years of experience in networking, servers, routing and firewall, he is highly passionate about technologies, cryptocurrency/blockchain, system monitoring.

Constantin Busuioceanu

Constantin Busuioceanu System Engineer

Constantin has 20 years experience in Information Technology and Communications. He brought 8192bit data encryption over the Internet in Romania and it’s the president of an NGO that stands for the Freedom of the Internet.

Cristian Antal

Cristian Antal DevOps

Cristian is a web developer turned crypto enthusiast, with over 10 years of development skills and working on mining platforms he aims to bring crypto closer to mass use. Evangelists

Alexandru Sfica

George A. Sfica Operations Manager

George is a high-end architectural designer, student at the University of West London. Passionate about entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency, founder of, a reward based social network.

Cristian Scurtu

Cristian Scurtu Marketing Manager

Cristian has over 13 years of creative output in 3 different countries: Romania, UAE and Germany. His work was published, shortlisted and awarded in both regional and international advertising festivals and publications.

Giuliano Ifrim

Giuliano Ifrim Community Manager

Giuliano is a professional trader turned crypto enthusiast with a vast Forex and Crypto trading experience, Understanding both business and the vision, Giuliano is a key player for the WebDollar project, managing the Telegram community.

Gabriel Pasca

Gabriel Paşca Public Relationships Manager

With over 17 years public relationships experience and 2 years experience in crypto trading, his mission is to help every person to get acquainted with the Webdollar Project. He is an blockchain enthusiast and blockchain technologies became an important part of his life. Ambassadors

Yang Chengming

Yang Chengming China Ambassador

Yang Chengming has over 11 years of doing various businesses in the digital space including cryptocurrencies and other forms of digital money. Excellent knowledge and experience on the Asian crypto market.

Cristian Scurtu

Jhonson Zheong Korea Ambassador

Jhonson Zheong has a solid marketing background on the Asian markets, with years of experience in both digital and traditional communication and customer relationship management.

Tochukwu Kennedy. M

Tochukwu Kennedy. M Africa Ambassador

Tochukwu Kennedy is an ambitious entrepreneur which has has a vast experience in the digital space from blogging to the blockchain technology and he also has web developing and marketing skills.


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