About Plug Power Inc

Plug Power Inc. is a provider of alternative energy technology focused on the design, development, commercialization and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell systems used for the industrial off-road market and the stationary power market. The Company’s product line includes GenKey, GenDrive, GenFuel, GenCare and ReliOn. GenKey offers solutions to customers transitioning their material handling vehicles to fuel cell power. GenDrive is a hydrogen fueled proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system. It provides power to material handling vehicles. GenFuel is a hydrogen fueling delivery system. It is designed to allow customers to refuel its GenDrive units for productivity. GenCare is an ongoing maintenance program for both the GenDrive fuel cells and GenFuel products. ReliOn is a stationary fuel cell solution. It provides scalable, modular PEM fuel cell power to support the backup and grid-support power requirements of the telecommunications, transportation and utility sectors.


Electronic Instr. & Controls


968 Albany Shaker Rd



United States



George C. McNamee

Independent Chairman of the Board

Andrew J. Marsh

President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Paul B. Middleton

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Keith C. Schmid

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President

Gerard L. Conway

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary

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