The 1Million Token

1Million token is an ERC-20 token that has a limited supply of 1 Million Tokens.
It can be used as a utility token to pay for advertising services and can be traded
on decentralized and centralized exchanges. Since May 2019, you can gamble
with it in slots, dice, and roulette on these crypto/gambling websites.
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Why you should own 1MT?

#1 A total supply of 1.000.000 tokens. #2 A great community #3 Services with 10% discount when using 1MT. #4 New use cases.

About 1MT

Coin Name : 1Million token
Ticker : 1MT
Algorithm : ERC20
Total Supply : 1.000.000

Giving away 30% of total supply

Yes its true, we are giving away
300.000 tokens to the community!
As marketing and to gain trust
we are willing to take this risk.
No ico!

Secure Transactions

1MT its created on top of Ethereum.
Our security is the same.
It is as hard to hack 1MT as it is ETH.
Also with low fees which are paid in ETH.


1MT was created to fight inflation, with a low supply and high value.

Quick & Easy

Fast transactions with low fees.

Project 1MT

We have new projects on the go
with new uses for 1MT
Coming soon.

Great Community

The main goal is in our community.
Were we are aiming to be the best of the best
on Discord & Telegram.


In the Video Below we show you how we play games, chat and
make rains on our community. You can have a good time with us
while you receive free tokens. Join us on discord, click the image below:

New use case

We will launch our first Limited Collectible Cards. You can buy them with 1MT. But why you ask? Because 1MT collector cards will give you great rewards + new roles on discord with even more bonuses

Check out our store:

If you own 2 different cards = 5 1MT reward + VIP 1 + Opensea Role

If you own 3 different cards = 15 1MT reward + VIP 1 + Opensea Role

If you own 4 different cards = 25 1MT Reward + VIP 1 + Opensea Role

If you own 5 different cards = 200 1MT + VIP 1 +VIP 2 + Opensea Role

Auction Ends on Sunday, April 12, 2020 5:12 PM CEST, Good luck



Stay in touch

Check out more information about 1MT and follow us.











1Million Token 1MT 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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